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    All Welcome to a different property management company

    Since this is our first post, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my company and how it’s different from other traditional property management firms. First off, my name is Chad Rivard, I am the owner and President of Rivard Real Estate & Management. I have been in the real estate arena for over 10 years… investing in my own properties, helping people buy investment and residential properties organizing private lending options and traditional residential mortgages.

    Through my extensive experience in the industry, I have seen a lot and met a lot of smart people along the way. I have always had a high interest in the property management world and noticed some things that could be improved. The most glaring one for me being that a lot of companies don’t have their own staff to handle things like construction, remodeling, plumbing, heating, locks, winterization, HVAC, landscaping, tenant management and so on. Normally, they need to hire these professionals, often looking for multiple bids trying to find the best price and the most professional contractors. With so many options and shady and unreliable people out there you can imagine what kind of headache this can be.

    This goes for Real Estate Brokers and Agents as well. As foreclosures keep rising more and more banks need to add endless amounts of properties back on to their books. The problem is that they don’t want them…you’ve heard it a million times but is worth repeating…”banks are in the lending business NOT the real estate business”. So, they need to get these properties off their books as fast as possible. How do they do that? They hire real estate professionals to market and sell the properties so they can recoup some of their investment. REO or Real Estate Owned Agents, generally have to go through the same thing as the poor property manager. Finding reputable professionals to help them get their properties market ready so they can make money and move on to the next one. They depend on these houses closing quickly because if they do a good job they get more listings from the bank.

    So, to wrap it up, I created Rivard Real Estate & Management to solve these problems. Now, a property management company and an REO agent can rely on one source for all its projects. You name it, we can handle it in a professional manner. We have the resources and professionals to get your job complete fast.

    If you’re interested in learning more we’d love the opportunity to talk to about what it is you’re looking for in a partner.



    Chad Rivard
    Owner and President, Rivard Real Estate & Management